Welcome to Sunningwell Pre-School
Welcome to Sunningwell Pre-School

Pastoral Care

We are a small setting and our staff are passionate to ensure all children are receiving the best possible care.   All children and staff get to quickly know each other and strong relationships are formed.


On joining our preschool, each child will be assigned a key person who will be their primary point of contact during the day.  Your childs key person will be there to welcome them when they arrive, they will seek them out during free play sessions to make sure they are ok, they will sit with them during lunch and they will bid them farewell at the end of the day.   The key person will also be making responsibile for recording the majority of the observations.     


Your childs key person is also your main contact for any queries relating to your child or preschool.


In addition, to cover periods of sickness or other leave, a secondary key person will be assigned.



It would be helpful for parents to keep their childs key person informed of any changes to personal information including changes to family circumstances.






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