Welcome to Sunningwell Pre-School
Welcome to Sunningwell Pre-School

Parking and Drop-off

Sunningwell School and Preschool is situated in a private lane shared with private residents and a farm.    The lane is in constant use by resident cars, large vehicles accessing the farm, pedestrians and cyclists.  


To ease congestion on the lane we kindly ask you park away from the school and walk up.  Where this is not possible the following protocal has been devised which focus' on safety, minimising disruption to residents and the farm and making everyone's life easier.


General Safety



  •  park in a manner that would allow emergency vehicles to access the lane, the staff car park and the farm at the end of the lane
  • be courteous and pateint with other road users including residents, farm users and school staff
  • keep your speed down and surpervise your child at all times
  • there is a hidden ditch on the left hand side of the road.   If your car goes into it, it may damage the underside and need towing out.  Please be mindful of this and do not force any other cars onto this part of the road.


Parking Etiquette 

  • There is a one way system on the lane, please wait for a space by the school and use the turning  circle to turn around
  • If no spaces are available then please wait just before the entrance to the school allowing sufficient room for emergency services to pass
  • Park facing down the lane on the school side only (back towards Sunningwell Road)
  • Do not park past the path to the cricket pitch
  • Do not park in the turning circle at the end of the lane - this area is needed for farm access at all times and for other road users to turn around
  • Do not attempt a three point turn anywhere other than the turning circle
  • Do not block or park on any residents driveway
  • The lane should not be used for parking for an extended time that is not in relation to the school event.  Alternative parking can be found at the village hall
  • The map at the end of this page shows the areas parking is allowed


Staff Car Park

  • The staff car park is for the school staff only and not to be used by parents
  • There are two disabled spaces in the staff car park, if you have a blue badge please contact the school to discuss access
  • Please do not block or partially block the entrace to the staff car park or use this as a turning / reversing area
  • Pedestrians should not use the entrace to the staff car park



  • All cyclists must dismount at the car park gate and walk to the cycle rack
  • For those using bike trailers please leave your bikes by the playgound gate during pick up and drop off only.  Bikes must not be chained to the gates or surrounding fencing.


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