Sunningwell Pre-School
Sunningwell Pre-School

Meals and Snacks

A small healthy snack is provided twice a day, once in the morning session and once in the afternoon.  The cost of this snack is 20p per snack  (40p per full day for 2 snacks) and is automatically included  on your invoice.  If you would like to provide your own child with a snack please let a member of preschool staff know and your invoice will be adjusted.



If your child is staying for lunch club then a hot school dinner can be provided for an additional fee (please see here for current costs).  Alternatively you can provide your child with their own cold pack lunch.   Please ensure all bags and containers are labelled with your childs name and are sufficienly insulated in warm weather.  Please note we do not have the facility to warm foods.


Our hot meals are provided by The School Lunch Company; a local Oxfordshire company who provides meals to many schools in the area.  Many of the fresh ingredients are sourced locally.  Fresh fruit and yoghurt will be available as a healthy alternative to puddings, and fresh salad and break wil lbe available each day with the meeals.  The menu is also nut free.    



Please advise preschool if your child has any food allergies

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